Senior Management

Management’s overarching roles of systems improvement and monitoring, risk identification, assessment, mitigation and monitoring will be exercised diligently during the four years of this strategy (2022-2025). Management makes all departments accountable so that the outcomes of ZIMSEC are achieved and at the same time track progress to ensure the successful implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Dr Lazarus Nembaware Chief Executive Officer
Mr Farai Zisengwe Chief Operating Officer

Division Heads

Mrs Sunungurayi Murowe

Director : Test Design Educational Assessment and Measurement

The TDEAM Division’s mandate is to develop error-free, valid and reliable examination papers in all subjects at Grade Seven, Ordinary and Advanced levels as well as to conduct research for the organisation’s improved efficiency across divisions.

Mr Vutelani Telani Mguni

Director : Examinations Administration (EA)

Carrying the responsibility of ensuring adherence to statutes and regulations governing the administration of examinations at Grade 7, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level, the Examinations Administration Division’s specific responsibilities include:

Dr Louisa Muparuri

Director - Information and Communication Technology Examinations Systems Development (ICTESD)

The ICTESD Divisions’ main functions can be summarised as:

Ms Zipora Muzenda

Director – Finance

The Finance Division’s task is to mobilize, allocate and manage financial resources to ensure quality product realization and service delivery.

The division consults all departments/divisions in developing the ZIMSEC budget, collects examination fees, and generates additional income by investing some of the collected funds and selling goods and services.

The Division prepares budget performance reports which are used for management decision-making.

Mr Shellington Malamba

Director : Human Capital  

The Human Capital Division is responsible for planning, directing, controlling and organising the workforce. This ranges from recruitment and selection to the design, formulation and administration of HR policies, systems and procedures.

Ms Susan Buwu

Director- Internal Audit

Audit provides assurance services to ensure that the organisation’s system of risk management, control and governance processes, as planned and represented by management, is sufficient and functioning.  Internal Audit will ensure that:

Mrs Tendai Marufu

Corporate Affairs Secretary