Examinations Administration


The Examinations Administration Division is responsible for examinations regulations, production and distribution of examination materials to examination centres country wide, the crafting of the examination timetable, monitoring the conduct of examination centres, results processing and certificate production.

Critical issue that relate to candidates :
  1. In all examination entries , correct information should be supplied.
  2. Candidates requiring question papers in Enlarged Print or Braille must apply for this facility in November before the registration process begins in the following year.
  3. ZIMSEC regulations do not permit teachers at a centre and their relatives to sit for an examination at that centre.
  4. A candidate found with unauthorised materials in the examination room will have their results cancelled by ZIMSEC.
  5. Calculator and non-calculator versions of Ordinary Level Mathematics differ in approach only as the questions are identical. The calculator version is code 4028 and the non-calculator version is code 4008. Paper 1 of both versions consists of computations and all students do their working manually. For Paper 2 (calculator version) candidates use calculators and for the non-calculator version candidate use mathematical tables.
  6. If there is an acceptable clash of subjects registered by a candidate, the centre applies for a deviation of the timetable and ZIMSEC regional staff supervise the examinations.
  7. Candidates are advised not to enter for mutually exclusive subjects in a single examination sitting.These are subjects with overlapping content such as:
    Physical Science and Physics/Chemistry
    Commerce and Commercial Studies
    Human and Social Biology and Biology
    Results of these pairs of subjects count for only one subject pass