Who is ZIMSEC?

ZIMSEC stands for ‘The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council’. It is the examinations board responsible for assessment, evaluation and documentation of the academic readiness, learning progress, and skill acquisition of students at primary and secondary school levels in Zimbabwe.

Are ZIMSEC Certificates/ Qualifications recognized internationally?

ZIMSEC certificates are recognized and accepted in Africa and abroad. Colleges and Tertiary institutions around the world accept ZIMSEC certificates and qualifications when considering student applications for further education. Government and corporate organisations across the globe also recognize with much esteem ZIMSEC qualifications, when considering job applications within their organisations. A few examples (not limited to) of countries that accept ZIMSEC certificates are South Africa, Botswana and all SADC countries, Namibia, Kenya, Malaysia, Cyprus, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Dubai, China.

Does ZIMSEC combine two or more certificates of a candidate, awarded from different examination sittings into one?

ZIMSEC does not, under any circumstances, combine certificates awarded for different examination sittings into one. Each examination sitting is unique in itself and so are the certificates awarded, it is therefore important for a candidate to keep their certificates safe at all times. The candidate is able to present their certificates as they are when seeking school enrollment or employment.

How does one replace lost certificates?

No duplicate certificate is issued; one can only be issued with a certifying statement of results. To get a certifying statement of results and application for, which can be found on the ZIMSEC website or at any ZIMSEC offices, should be completed and submitted with the accompanying stipulated fees. Communication will be sent to the applicants forwarding address when the document is ready for collection. Certificates and academic records which are archived at ZIMSEC, besides Grade seven, Zimbabwe General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level and Advanced level are, Cambridge Examinations Board, Associated Examination Board (AEB, London University (Ordinary, ’M’ and Advanced Level), Rhodesia Certificate of Education (RCE), Zimbabwe Certificate of Education (ZCE), Grade 9 and 11, Standard 6, National Certificate of Education, Rhodesia Junior Certificate (RJC), Zimbabwe Junior Certificate (ZJC), International Junior Certificate (IJC), Primary Teacher Lower (PTL), Primary Teacher Higher (PTH), Elementary Industry Certificate, and Primary and Secondary Teacher Education Diplomas until 1978.

How do I get a Confirmation of Results?

A confirmation of results is normally required for students wishing to enrol into tertiary institutions or people who are applying for employment in organisations locally, regionally and abroad. Results are not confirmed over the phone neither are they confirmed to the individual who is the applicant. Results are sent directly to the requesting authorities i.e. to colleges, universities and employers. Application forms are obtainable on the ZIMSEC website or from the ZIMSEC offices nationwide and should be submitted with the accompanying fees.

Does ZIMSEC offer any study guides?

ZIMSEC offers resources to candidates preparing for examinations at Grade Seven, Ordinary and Advanced Levels. There are question and answer booklets, yellow books, green books and blue books, which contain past examination questions and the typical answers. The candidate is able to then measure themselves and prepare adequately for the live examination session. Examiner reports are also posted on the website after an examinations session, these are to assist the teachers during their own assessments. Past examination papers are sold at the ZIMSEC regional offices at very nominal fees, students can also make use of these when practicing and preparing for their examinations.